Tips - The pre

We all know pretty much that constant routines or patterns of behaviour have the ability to provide us with confidence in our golf game.

We have pre shot routines for our Driver, our irons and even pitch and chip shot's.....but what about one of the most important strokes in golf....our putting.

I see every week golfers using a similar routine when "putting" which in itself is great...but if I ask them WHY they are using a particular routine they give some sort of vague answer like "I have always done it this way and it works for me....some days are good and others not so good.

I would suggest that their pre shot putting routine is more a hit and miss affair and they are accepting of whatever consequences come.

What I am about to show you in the next paragraph is a routine that will definately provide you with a proven method to deliver the ball to any given hole with more consistency than you may of experienced before.

I recommend a combination and a sequence of physical procedures.


First, there is a sense of eagerness and arousal to "get at" the putt and give it your best effort. This arousal level is very positive and helps your perceptions be sharper.

Survey the green for spatial relationships of size and distance.

For example, don’t just look at the flag..... know the length of the flag as you look at it.

Don’t just look at the hole...... imagine fitting your hand down in it to retrieve your marvelous putt.

Don’t try to ascertain distance in terms of a number: just watch attentively how the distance changes as you walk with a consistent, relaxed stride.

In other words, focus on the putt’s distance in everything you do from the beginning when you approach the green. Walk from the ball to the hole if you like.

Stand Back to Sight the Line the Same Distance as the Putt. Specifically, once you enter the routine proper, I recommend sighting the line from behind the ball and recommend that you travel back from the ball a distance you judge equal to the distance from the ball to the hole.

Then when you walk back your body gets a taste of the distance..... you see the ball as halfway to the hole...... you walk the same distance again as you approach the ball for setup and the putt looks half as long and twice as easy when you are over the ball taking another look.

Once you are in your setup you simply turn your neck to site the line and then bring your focus back to the ball and just simply make the stroke.

Try this routine to accelerate your results on the greens.