Breaking America with Rachel Connor - Hitting balls with Ivan Lendl

21 October 2009 07:34
Nineteen-year-old English amateur Rachel Connor has left home to attend the David Leadbetter IMG Academy in Florida and pursue her dream of becoming a touring professional. You can follow her adventures every Wednesday at

Posted 20th October 2009

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I would like to welcome everyone on the website to my blog!

Well, the good news is I played really well in my first two events on the OGA (Open Golf Association) Tour! At Huntington Hills I shot +2 par 74 which doesn't sound too fantastic but it bagged me third position.

The course was playing difficult due to strong winds and there has been a dip in temperature over here by about 20-30 degrees over the last few days so it's jumper and trouser weather. I played with a young Chinese prodigy called Cindy Feng who did very well in the Ladies US Open in 2009.

Today, I played at The Golf Club at Bridgewater and I won with a -1 par 71! The field is made up of a mixture of scratch golfers and professionals so I've not quite hit the big time yet, but considering that these are two of the qualifying courses for the Duramed Futures Tour I'm pretty pleased with my result. In all honesty my score should have been ten less but my putting definitely wasn't on song!

And finally, guess who one of my playing partners was today? Only ex world number one Tennis star Ivan Lendl! Ivan has opened his own Tennis and Golf Academy in Florida - he's a scratch golfer who plays on the OGA Tour to keep his game in shape - he shot 81 today so like the competitor that he is he wasn't too pleased but it was a great experience to play with him.

Until next time,

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